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Home / Partners / AETHIC - Skincare and Sunscreen
Home / Partners / AETHIC - Skincare and Sunscreen

AETHIC - Skincare and Sunscreen

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In 2009 Allard Marx took up the reigns at Aethic, having previously worked with sustainability expert Susannah Stewart in developing the 'water pollution acquatrail' (an aquatic equivalent of the carbon footprint) at Marine Positive Ltd. The two had previously also worked together at the Going Blue Foundation, a UK registered charity aimed at raising public awareness of Water Pollution.

After first testing every possible single sunscreen ingredient to select those that were the most eco-compatible a team at Marche Polytechnic University tested the entire finished Aethic product. A patent was applied for and successfully approved. As a result, Aethic Sôvée is the only sunscreen in the world to have a patented ecocompatible formula.Many holiday resorts that depend on coral reefs for their visitors now understand the importance of protecting this vital foundation of the marine ecosystem and have banned the use of sunscreens that are not bio-degradable.

However bio-degradable is not enough. Many of these biodegradable sunscreens, although they might dilute and disperse in water, still contain ingredients that can trigger a fatal virus in live coral which can decimate a reef. Aethic has gone one further, investing in a unique patent-pending eco-compatible formula of its own, proven completely safe for both corals and clams. This is the formula of Sôvée, the world's first sunscreen to be certified Marine Positive.

Endorsing the Aethic brand, Blue Flag International, the eco-label which certifies over 4,000 beaches and marinas around the world has partnered with Aethic. This is the first time that a sunscreen product has been endorsed by Blue Flag International and the use of Sôvée will be promoted among its stakeholders.

Aethic is now the choice of America's Cup Sailing teams such as Land Rover BAR (Link), as well as world level athletes such as Kiteboarders Annabel van Westerop and Hannah Whiteley. Aethic is also a partner of the International Kiteboarding Association - IKA (Link).

Aquarius Sport customers can receive 20% discount on all orders when using our unique purchase code: aqu1702nad! (all lower case letters). To order your Aethic Skincare products such as the Aethic Sôvée Sunscreen, visit the Aethic online store (link here).

Last updated 14:40 on 6 November 2017

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